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Squeeze Competitive Comparison

Squeeze 9 Squeeze 9 Pro Adobe Media Encoder Apple’s Compressor Telestream Episode Telestream Episode Pro Handbrake
 $19.99/mo or  $49.99/mo



Latest high quality and efficient H.264 Encoding.

 Extra $99  Extra $99  
HTML 5 Output

Creates HTML 5 compatible video in an MP4 and WebM format, but also will make an HTML 5 document with the required <video> tag so you can simply upload to your web server.

Adaptive Bitrate

Support for all of the Adaptive Bitrate formats on the market including Apple HLS, Adobe Dynamic, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG Dash.

HLS Only


Unlimited Parallel Processing

Squeeze Desktop can encode as many files as your machine will allow at the same time.

2 Jobs
Divide & Conquer

A single file will be divided up between the multiple cores of your machine for faster encoding.

 x264 Only
Review and Approval Workflow

Integration with an OVP for review and approval, and video distribution.

Includes lifetime Sorenson 360 Account
Integration with Adobe,
Avid, and Apple Editing

Ability to encode your files from within these two editing systems without having to render the file out first.

Media Composer 5 and later, Symphony, Newscutter, Adobe CS6 and CC, Final Cut 7
Media Composer 5 and later, Symphony, Newscutter, Adobe CS6 and CC, Final Cut 7
 Adobe Only  Apple’s Final Cut Only  Adobe CS6 Only  Adobe CS6 Only
Watch Folders

Watch Folders provides a “set in and forget” ease that makes encoding pain free and allows you to share encoding chores with others in a workgroup who don’t have Squeeze installed on their computer.

Email and/or Text Notification

Sends an email and/or text to someone when an encoding job is complete.

   Email Only
Publishing Destinations

Once encoded, files will automatically be published to destinations like YouTube, AWS, Akamai, Limelight, Vimeo and Facebook.

YouTube, AWS, Akamai, Limelight
Youtube, AWS, Akamai, Limelight
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook
YouTube Only
YouTube Only
Send to Server

Send a job from Squeeze Desktop to Squeeze Server to encode.

Output Preview

Confirm your settings by encoding a sample of the video before starting lengthy jobs.