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Squeeze 9 Tour

Get a Closer Look at Squeeze 9

Import File

Use the import icon to grab video files from your local file system. They are added to the batch below, waiting for you to apply a preset.


Need to do a screencast or go direct from your camera? Capture video from your webcam or firewire and send it right to Squeeze’s batch window.

Watch Folders

Automation at your fingertips. Create a folder on your computer or network that encodes any video that is put in, using the Preset of your choice.

Encode Amazing Video

Presets are encoding recipes designed to make your videos look amazing in any format. Squeeze supports almost every popular video format and we’re constantly adding more. Professionally modify your Presets down to the most minute detail with ultimate control– or simply use the ‘auto’ expertise of Squeeze’s defaults.

More than just formats…

Every Preset can do more than just apply video + audio codecs + encoding specifications when dragged onto files in the batch window. You can also add video Filters, Notifications and even Publishing Options to your preset for a speedy, automated workflow.

Global Filter: Auto Crop Deinterlace

All videos passed through Squeeze (Global Filter) are checked for auto-sizing (Crop) & interlaced video (Deinterlace), to eliminate size issues or jaggies, the combing effect that can occur on Web video– which as a rule is Progressively displayed.

Tons More Professional Filters

Use any of Squeeze’s 20 professional video & 6 audio filters to improve quality across your compressions. Common uses include: adjusting Gamma, Restoring Blacks, Sharpening, Reducing Noise or Watermarking video. Use Squeeze’s A | B slider to preview Filters before applying.

FTP, HTTP, AWS, CDN, & Youtube

Drag a publishing destination onto any Preset. Then, when you apply that reset to a source file, Squeeze will automatically publish to your destination as past of the encode job. Let Squeeze do the heavy-lifting by automating your workflow to the greatest extent possible. You can even create custom Publishing Options destinations, too!

Your Sorenson 360

Free storage with each copy of Squeeze 9. But wait, there’s more… Customize players, real time analytics, This enables you to publish to the 360 content management system – then manage your videos online, create playlists, customize Flash players, get real-time analytics & and deliver high-quality video worldwide at any bit rate.

Set It & Forget It!

You got us… We’ll admit encoding really big HD video can take a while, even with speedy Squeeze. Relief is here. Set up a Notification. When the job is done, Squeeze will send you an email or a text on your phone. Easy.

Review & Approval

Need to get videos approved by your clients? You can reliably trust Squeeze to provide a consistent, high-quality video playback experience. Set up a Review & Approval in Notifications. On encode completion, Squeeze sends an email, which leads to a secure Sorenson 360 page, with or without password-protection, where approval & comments are made.

Adjust, Mark, Preview

Change Aspect Ratio, Crop, Zoom, Trim or Set thumbnail images for your videos easily. Use Squeeze to seek & search through videos in the Preview Window. Use markers to identify discreet sequences within the scene (Chapters for DVD, Blu-Ray). Get your files just right before you drag a preset over and Squeeze it!


Super-useful A | B slider capabilities enable you to compare before | after applications of Filters to your videos. Apply a preset to your file and preview any filters vs source.

Ready, Set, Action!

You’ve carefully crafted your x264preset with a filter, a publishing destination in Amazon S3 and a text Notification to your phone. Now, drag it onto video files you’ve imported into the Batch Tree. Open the jobs up and customize their contents. Ready, Set, Squeeze It!

Compression Preview

Perhaps the most time-saving button on the Squeeze interface. The gray button next to each Preset provides 5 seconds of compression preview from the playhead. This enables you to see your results before starting a long job… Use it before any / every compression.

satisfaction guarantee
satisfaction guarantee satisfaction guarantee

We think you’ll love Squeeze. With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

Sorenson 360
Sorenson 360 video server

Free 360 Storage for Squeeze 9 Users

Yes, we mean free. Every Squeeze 9 purchase and upgrade includes a free account on Sorenson 360 that gives you 5GB of storage for free. Forever. Sorenson 360 gives Squeeze 9 the added functionality to free your workflow

Send a Review & Approval Request to Anyone, Anywhere.

Give each encoding job the full business. Let your clients, bosses and colleagues be part of the process. Sorenson 360 creates a page from which your team adds threaded comments, which are preserved with the video. New Review & Approval features include formatted text commenting and universal video playback

comments comments
adaptive bit rate
adaptive bit rate video encoding

Full Adaptive Bitrate Support

Pick your poison. Squeeze 9 can create all the necessary files for adaptive bitrate delivery in every format. Seriously. Encode MPEG-DASH, Adobe Flash Dynamic, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming in one application. Squeeze 9 does the heavy lifting and the administration so you don’t have to.

satisfaction guarantee
satisfaction guarantee satisfaction guarantee

We think you’ll love Squeeze. With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong!