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Squeeze Videos

Squeeze 10 Videos

What's New in Squeeze 10

Check out all of the new features included in Squeeze 10, which make it the most powerful video encoding tool around.

Getting Started with Squeeze

Get started with Sorenson Squeeze, the world’s most powerful desktop video encoder.

Using Squeeze Presets

Squeeze contains the preset you need to encode your video to virtually any format.

Using Filters in Squeeze

Use different filters in Squeeze to make your video look and sound better.

Review and Approval in Squeeze/Squeeze Stream

Use Squeeze Stream (formerly Sorenson 360), free with Squeeze 10 Standard and Pro, to utilize the unique review and approval workflow.

Publishing Options in Squeeze

How to get your video to its final destination by publishing in Squeeze.

Archived Videos

Getting Started

Start encoding with Squeeze 9 in three simple steps.

What's New in Squeeze 9

See all the new features and enhancements available only in Squeeze 9.

Enhanced User Experience

See how the updated user interface in Squeeze 9 can enhance your workflow.

Using Filters

Make your video look flawless with the professional filters in Squeeze 9.

Using Presets

See how the all-in-one intelligent presets in Squeeze 9 can save you time and headaches.

Review & Approval

Send and receive seamless reviews of your videos with Squeeze 9 and Sorenson 360.

Publishing and Syndication

Use Squeeze 9 to publish your video to its final destination, wherever that may be.





Review & Approval


Integrating Sorenson 360

Squeeze and Avid

Encoding for the Web

Advanced Adaptive Techniques

Getting Started with 360 Into your Workflow

Squeeze Overview

Get up to speed quickly with Sorenson Squeeze 9.

Review & Approval Workflow

Check out the Review & Approval workflow that comes standard in every version of Squeeze.

Publishing and Syndication

Publish to Sorenson 360, Twitter, YouTube, Akamai, Limelight as well as FTP and network locations.

Preset Exchange

The video presets exchange makes it easy to find the correct video compression settings for your video.

SMS & Notifications

Kevin P. McAuliffe teaches you how to use email and SMS notifications to let you an your clients know when a video has been encoded and posted.

Watch Folders

Use Watch Folders to simplify your encoding workflow.

Complimentary 360 Account

Get up to speed with publishing and syndicating your videos with Sorenson 360 easily accessible in Squeeze 9.

Encoding Presets

This Squeeze training video will help you better understand the encoding presets in Squeeze and help you determine when it’s best to use each.

Black Level Normalization

Sorenson Media experts take you through the ways to get the most vibrant colors in any video using black level normalization techniques.

Squeeze Commercials

Squeeze 9

Let Sorenson Squeeze simplify your life and set your video workflow free!

Squeeze Freedom

Use Squeeze 9 to publish your video to its final destination, wherever that may be.

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