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Squeeze Server


squeeze server 2.5
squeeze server 2.5 squeeze server 2.5
squeeze server
squeeze server squeeze server

Faster than ever before, completely redesigned UI. 

Powerful, automated transcoding at its finest.


Automated Encoding

Submit jobs from anywhere and publish to any location (LAN, HTTP, FTP, S3, 360, etc)

High-Volume Power

Simultaneously Encode multiple files through Watch Folders, Jobs, API or Squeeze desktop.

Only the Best Presets

Draw from a library of the Industry’s best Presets for any/every format and device.

Adapts to Your Workflow

With a robust REST-based API, Squeeze Server can easily integrate into any workflow.

Flexible Deployment

Install Squeeze Server in-house, on a virtual machine, or on a cloud based server.

Squeeze Server nodes can be added together, connected to the same database, to establish a powerful transcoding farm. 

One-time or Monthly licensing models available!

New-in Squeeze Server 2.5

Divide & Conquer

Now saturate multiple cores at once for more efficiency encoding.

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)

Supports all major formats — including MPEG DASH, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (H.264) and Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming.

Administration Console

A completely redesigned admin console allows for a much smoother workflow.

Higher Quality

Squeeze Server presets consistently maintain quality across a variety of formats.

Workflow Customization

Install in minutes and be up and encoding immediately with zero-configuration queues.

Watch Folders

Now encode multiple files simultaneously via watch folders.

Call Sales — at 888-767-3676 for Pricing

Squeeze Server Gets You…

What You’ll Need…

  • Single Install of Squeeze Server
  • Web-based UI
  • Premium Support
  • API and operation document
  • Unlimited API use
  • Sorenson 360 Review & Approval