2017 in Review

I used to wonder why year-in-review posts would go out before the year had actually ended. I’ve come to realize that the world is in no shape to accomplish anything significant in the final days of the year. We in the Northern Hemisphere are too cold right now to feel motivated enough to do anything earth-shattering in the next few days. And the lucky folks in the Southern Hemisphere are no doubt restfully laying out on some warm beach, equally unmotivated.

And so, we’re posting this now with the hope that the TV and advertising industries don’t do something crazy before 11:59 p.m., December 31. In the timeline below you’ll find some of the most notable industry events in 2017 from our perspective, plus a few Sorenson Media milestones, and other memorable 2017 moments.

















An official goodbye to 2017

It’s an understatement to say this has been a big year. Big for TV. Big for advertising. Big for us at Sorenson Media. I don’t mean big in the sense that the world is now entirely different because of the things I’ve listed here. Yes, some things have changed. But I believe the biggest changes are yet to come. The events of this year have in many ways prepared the media world for big changes in the near future.

Big media mergers are now poised for completion. Addressable advertising is poised to take off. (Still skeptical? Go look at the analyst report numbers again.) And Sorenson Media is poised to grow and play a big role in the addressable movement.

To all our readers–partners, customers, competitors, employees (future, current, and former) and random readers who happened across our blog–we wish you a happy holiday and a peaceful close to 2017. May your new year be filled with happiness, success, and more targeted TV ads.

Sam Petersen
Sam Petersen
Content Marketing Manager
Sam is a conflicted marketer. He loves being creative, but also thrives on numbers and analytics. Sam has worked in several messaging-focused roles during his career, including journalism, PR, product marketing, and now, content marketing. When he's not stewing over his conflictual identity, he heads to the mountains to hike, ski, run, etc.