“The best video encoder I’ve ever used…”


At the end of last year, we asked you what you loved about Squeeze, our stalwart video encoder. You delivered some awesome feedback, with only a small amount that can only be described as “scary” (I’m looking at you, “Squeeze me, but do it gently” guy. Just kidding. But seriously.). Here are a few of our favorites:

“I love Squeeze because it is simply the easiest, fastest, and most robust encoding app that I have ever used. I use it to convert and compress videos from multiple sources and use the presets to quickly re-encode the files to whatever I need. I have the full Adobe CC suite and prefer Squeeze to the Adobe Media Encoder for its ease of use and full functionality.” – Eric S, California

“Squeeze performs flawlessly each and every time we use it and produces the best-looking fast flowing video. It’s unsurpassed!” – Emlyn H, Cornwall

“The reason I love Squeeze is because I can easily drop in my same as source file that are export through Avid and convert them into any file format requested by my clients. I can easily increase and decrease the bit rates, or manipulate any other setting to really dial in my videos to fit each specific request. I have been using Squeeze for 5 years now and will never use any other program. I have used Apple’s compressor for making ProRes files but the layout and design makes Squeeze so personable and easy to use. I am always telling everyone about Squeeze to spread the word of how great this product is. Thanks for making my life a little bit easier.” – Andrew P, California

“Sorenson is one of those pieces of software that just solves problems and makes my life easier. DVD, Blu-ray, H264, prep a file for YouTube, convert audio to MP3, add a fade in or out to a pile of clips and million other things. Withe the Pro version I can batch to ProRes or DNXHD and that is just icing on the cake.” – Riley H, Quebec

“It is an easy to use tool that allows us to maintain a high level of content quality and customer service for a quarter of the price of their competitors.” – Jim M, Minnesota

“I love Squeeze for its easy-to-use and fully customizable file formats, its fast compression speed and high quality results. It’s the best compression software out there and I recommend it to everyone!” – Cristina R, New York

“Squeeze has the best codecs, but the great interface makes it easy to use. Even the batch processing is a no-brainer!!” – Jeff O, Alberta

“As a video production teacher, we use Squeeze everyday in the classroom for all our projects. Squeeze is simple enough that all my students can understand how to use it to compress their videos, but it also is complex enough to handle a variety of necessary tasks. I also use Squeeze on a regular basis for my video production company as well. Thank you!” – Jodi P, Illinois

For more information on Squeeze Desktop, visit our Squeeze Desktop page.

Jake Draper
Jake Draper
Director of Product Strategy
Jake has focused on technology and digital marketing throughout his career. He is the proud father of three little girls. Jake enjoys spending time with them and his wife, Katie, as well as playing sports and enjoying food.