Brief insight into Squeeze Encoding in 2014

2014 was a year of great change for Sorenson Media, and Squeeze in particular. We brought 4K presets, closed caption insertion, multi-rate bundle encoding, and other great features to Squeeze Desktop and Server. We wanted to share some interesting statistics about Squeeze Desktop encoding through 2014 in the infographic below, and look forward to another great year of encoding through 2015.

Total number of encodes in sample*: 2,854,281

Total output encoding time:

  • 35,555,519 minutes
  • 592,592 hours
  • 24,691 days
  • 64 years

Total source file size:

  • 7,191,385,066,308 megabytes
  • 7,191,385,066 gigabytes
  • 7,191,385 terabytes
  • 7,191 petabytes
  • 7 exabytes

Most popular source format: MOV, 71.11%

Most popular output format: MP4, 48.23%

*Includes only versions 8.0 and up that are connected to the internet.


Jake Draper
Jake Draper
Director of Product Strategy
Jake has focused on technology and digital marketing throughout his career. He is the proud father of three little girls. Jake enjoys spending time with them and his wife, Katie, as well as playing sports and enjoying food.