Our CEO, Marcus Liassides’ Interview with KCPW’s The Bottom Line


Our CEO, Marcus Liassides, recently sat down with The Bottom Line and Doug Wells at KCPW radio in Salt Lake City. The discussion covers a broad range of topics including our Squeeze and Spark product lines, Marcus’ views on the TV market and ecosystem, and how Sorenson Media is playing a major role in the evolving world of connected TVs. The full interview is linked here.

Below are a few quotes from Marcus during his interview with KCPW’s The Bottom Line:

“Our customers are using it (our Squeeze product suite) to take video in one format and distribute it to other devices. And that challenge has become very complicated with more flavors of mobile devices, tablets, iPads – it’s a very complicated business. Squeeze takes all the complexity out of that.”

“There are TVs (on the market) today that could fulfill the promise of smart TVs but there is a bigger ecosystem around it that needs to adopt it, from content creators, to producers, to stations, to networks, and local affiliates… We are focused, at Sorenson Media, on educating the ecosystem that this opportunity exists.”

“The broadcaster wants to make their output better. If they know what programming and shows work they can make more of those shows and if they know shows aren’t working they can tweak them.”

“In many cases, the TV manufacturers are only making 1% margins… The technology that we provide and the revenue streams we generate for them are actually very important to them in order to stay in the TV manufacturing business.”

“We have all the ingredients now to make this a real home run.”

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
Director of Marketing
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