CEO Marcus Liassides: Local TV Isn’t Dead, But Needs Change in Status Quo

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Fully leveraging ‘smart broadcast’ capabilities will give the station business new momentum

Our CEO, Marcus Liassides, contributed a guest blog post on Broadcasting & Cable debunking theories that local TV is dead and highlighting four areas stations can focus on to not only survive, but thrive. The evolving consumer expectations centered around digital capabilities have, indeed, put some strain on traditional broadcast. However, many of the reports focused on TV’s fall are overstated and crafted to grab headlines. One thing everyone can agree on is that local TV needs to adapt in order to thrive long term in the digital world we live in. Marcus stresses four challenges & opportunities facing the industry.

Measurement – TV measurement is using antiquated and extrapolated methodology that can’t compete with the capabilities of digital measurement. Marcus notes that Internet-connected Smart TVs will be a game-changer for local TV measurement providing real-time and down-to-the-second accuracy.

Content – Improved measurement leads to improved content. According to Marcus, “(via Smart TV data) It’s possible for news directors to better understand what captivates their audience with down-to-the-second accuracy and provide hyper-localized and personalized weather, traffic, and news stories.”

Distribution – Viewing video anywhere on any device is a trend that local TV cannot ignore. Millennials consume video content at a higher rate than any other generation represent an enormous opportunity if local broadcasters can provide targeted content via OTT & VoD.

Monetization – Today’s advertisers want customers, not just audiences. Improved TV measurement, content targeting, and wider distribution platforms enable local TV to provide advertisers the scale of broadcast combined with the accuracy of digital.

Lastly, and most importantly, Marcus points out that the viewer is the greatest beneficiary of Smart Broadcast capabilities in the end as they receive better and more relevant content. To read Marcus’ blog post in full click here.

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Ryan Walker
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