Fine-Tuning the Future of Broadcast TV

Since the explosion of the internet, pundits and observers have been hailing the decline of TV as an inevitable event in the evolution of media consumption. However, our CEO, Marcus Liassides, doesn’t think it’s on the horizon—he believes the channel just needs some fine-tuning.

Doom and gloom notwithstanding, the reality is that TV remains one of America’s favorite methods for media consumption. – Marcus Liassides


In his brief overview of the current and future state of TV broadcasting and advertising, he explains how traditional broadcasting can leverage the same functions that made internet advertising so successful to deliver a truly premium product primed for the future.

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Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
Director of Marketing
Ryan has over 7 years of marketing experience including digital marketing, content marketing, PR, and branding. Outside of work, Ryan is an avid golfer and fly-fisherman.