nScreenMedia Interviews Travis Lusk, VP of Broadcast Solutions

Travis Lusk, our VP of Broadcast Solutions recently attended the 2016 TVOT Show in San Francisco. In addition to accepting the “Most Significant Newcomer” award at the event on behalf of Sorenson Media, Travis spent time with nScreenMedia’s founder, Colin Dixon. They discussed the solutions Sorenson Media offers to broadcasters that address a number of key challenges facing the broadcast industry including:

  • Local broadcasters are usually “data poor” relative to national broadcasters
  • Data is based off only 50,000 Nielsen panelists across the country
  • No analytics tools are available to gather insight from the data
  • There is a lack of insight into the effectiveness of broadcast promotions
  • There is large time lag when receiving data which makes it difficult to react quickly
  • There is a lack of addressability in both content and advertisements

Watch the full interview produced by nScreenMedia below.

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
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