Promo Effectiveness – Attracting Swing/New Viewers

Over the course of the past few months we sat down with Promotions Directors at several local TV stations to better understand what they know and don’t know about how effective their promos really are. We asked questions such as, How effective are your promos at attracting new viewers? At what rate do your promos convert overall? What is the most successful spot for your promos?

The answers to our questions were all very consistent: I have no idea. If only I knew the answer to that, my job would be so much easier! There is no way to know for sure.

We recently teamed up with a leading broadcaster in a midsize market to gain a better understanding of news promos and the impact they have on attracting viewers, something local stations have never before had insight into. The Promos Director at this station was particularly interested in learning if their promos were effective at attracting viewers – and if so, what type of viewers the promos were drawing in. This particular case study was focused on the station’s promotion of an important sweeps story about runaway children.

Utilizing Spark Promo Analytics, we were able to glean unprecedented insight into how the promos performed. The analysis looked specifically at five key areas:

  • Promo conversion rate
  • Highest performing promo spot
  • Optimal frequency of promo exposure
  • Optimal promo duration for conversion
  • Loyal vs. swing/new viewers converted

Our analysis started with the simplest of questions – Did people who viewed the promo tune into the news segment?

Of those that saw a promo, 12% went on to view the news segment. Digging deeper, we found that the segment was watched by 77% of all devices that viewed a promo.

Watched target segment

Watched a Promo

While valuable and intriguing, this data alone didn’t tell the full story on the effectiveness of this particular promo campaign. What if the entire 12% of those that saw a promo and later tuned in would have watched the news segment anyway? In order to call the promo a success, they needed to be pulling swing/new viewers. We had to dig further to understand if the promos were creating value for the station.

We continued to peel back layers to understand the promo effectiveness in driving new viewers to tune in. Of all viewers that watched the target news segment, 74% had exposure to at least one promo. Of this group that viewed the segment and were exposed to the promo, 35% were swing or new viewers. When we discounted “Chance” viewers (devices that viewed less than 10 total seconds of a promo) the total promo conversion was 32%.

Loyal vs Swing viewers

Considering viewing affinity to news programming, driving 32% of total viewership through promos is significant. We are continuing to work with local broadcasters to get a better grasp on how significant 32% promo attribution really is. We are working on building benchmarks and industry standards that will add even more color to the data and help broadcaster know how well they are doing. The analysis in this case study is truly just a small slice of the potential insight and understanding that can be gleaned from non-extrapolated data with down-to-the-second viewer attribution.

Click here to view the case study in its entirety.

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
Director of Marketing
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