Spark Showcase Unveiled

We recently launched a new section on our website that exhibits the flexibility and magnitude to which our products empower broadcasters and advertisers.

Spark Showcase is a collection of video examples demonstrating Spark Ad Suite and Content Suite in action. The videos cover a variety of industries and format possibilities but are not all-inclusive. There are endless ways that the Spark platform can be utilized to enhance TV content and advertising.

Each product video also demonstrates an example of hyper-specific targeting dimensions accessible via the relationship with smart TVs and Spark. Broadcasters and advertisers can provide unique experiences to audiences like never before with based on characteristics like location, income, education, hobbies, programming viewing, and much more.

Spark Showcase includes examples of:

  • Advanced Overlays
  • Audience Extension
  • Dynamic Ad Replacement
  • Content Overlays

Check out Spark Showcase to see Spark in action.


Brittany Sudlow
Brittany Sudlow
Demand Marketing Manager
Brittany has years of both marketing and sales experience. Her marketing experience has been focused on advertising, content, business development, and brand management. Outside of work, Brittany enjoys trying new food and watching football.