Squeeze Customer Highlight – Chris Bové

Chris Bové has over 20 years experience as a craft editor of television programs for PBS. He considers himself a die-hard user of Sorenson Squeeze and Avid Media Composer.

Video background

“This is a trailer for a documentary currently being edited. It is a feature-length film produced for theatrical, broadcast and home video release. The production team consists of long-time PBS veteran filmmakers: Producers Paul Lamont and Scott Sackett, Director of Photography Jack Cummings and Editor Chris Bové.”

What is your workflow like?

“Avid Media Composer is the edit system of choice for serious long-format craft editors. It allows for a 1080p QuickTime “Same-as-Source” export, which creates a massive DNxHD video file amazingly fast – in about 1/6 real time. From this file, all possible video conversions can be made in Sorenson Squeeze Pro. I prefer “Same as Source” to QuickTime reference files because the resulting video can travel anywhere and be duplicated easily, and as many times as needed.”

Presets you used?

“For Sorenson Squeeze Pro, I carry around with me (and in the cloud) a set of custom presets. These I pamper and guard as strongly as my credit cards and app passwords. They are my lifelines to digital delivery. They represent years of trial and error in creating the best looking and best playing video files that can possibly be encoded. I own other encoding apps as well in order to service all client workflows, but none of them work as good or create files that can be relied on as well.”

Why did you choose Squeeze?

“Choosing Squeeze as my primary encoder is like seeing a pile of pencils on the desk and grabbing the one with the sharpest point.”

Follow Chris on Twitter here, or visit his website. If you’d like a video of yours that you’ve encoded with Squeeze to be featured, email Jake Draper at jdraper@sorensonmedia.com. For more information on Sorenson Squeeze, click here.

Jake Draper
Jake Draper
Director of Product Strategy
Jake has focused on technology and digital marketing throughout his career. He is the proud father of three little girls. Jake enjoys spending time with them and his wife, Katie, as well as playing sports and enjoying food.