Viewership Jumps Nearly 1000%, MLB Regular Season to World Series Game 7

World Series Viewership Data

The World Series is an event unlike any other. It marks the culmination of 2,430 games played by 30 teams over 6 months. It’s the finale to a month-long playoff to crown the best team in the sport known as “America’s pastime.” This year’s event is the 113th series, giving baseball the richest history of any major American sport.

The Houston Astros and L.A. Dodgers met at Dodger Stadium Wednesday, Nov. 1 to play a series ending Game 7. The game marked only the 39th time the World Series has reached Game 7. It was also the first time since 1970 that two 100-win teams have met in the World Series. The series went back and forth and had a nail-biting Game 5 that many will never forget with the Astros winning in extra innings 13-12. Game 7 had all the drama, all the intrigue, and all the bright lights of a classic.

So, what does a World Series Game 7 mean for TV?

I dug into our Spark Station Analytics (viewership data from smart TVs) to determine how Game 7 of the World Series influences TV viewership. For this analysis, I looked at a top 10 TV market (not L.A. or Houston) and compared viewing metrics during the World Series on FOX to an averaged collection of FOX’s MLB Game of the Week broadcast on various Saturdays throughout the regular season. As expected, for Game 7, the world was watching.

tv viewership data from world series game 7

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Not only does Game 7 equal more TV viewers, but it also means higher ticket prices. According to Statista, the average ticket at Dodgers stadium during the 2017 season cost $44.99. The average ticket for Game 7 of the World Series was a whopping $1,718. I don’t know about you, but I was ok with being one of the millions watching it on TV.

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