TVOT 2016 Recap: Let’s Make TV Better

How can we make TV the best possible experience for the viewer? How can data inform advertising to be more accurate to the viewer’s preferences and interests? Is it possible to not only avoid losing revenues, but actually increase revenues while decreasing the number of commercials in an ad break? These were some of the questions covered by some of the TV industry’s luminaries at the tenth TV of Tomorrow Show, held in San Francisco on June 7th-8th.

Travis Lusk, our VP of Broadcast Solutions, participated in a panel with other future-leaning companies that covered the TV technologies that the world would be introduced to in the near future. While our local broadcast focus was unique, the panel (including representatives from companies like Gracenote, Clearleap, Cisco, Ericsson, and Pearl) all agreed that an excellent viewer experience was integral to their thoughts as they progressed TV as a medium.


This theme was consistent throughout most of the panels and talks given by representatives from agencies, measurement companies, ad tech, content creators, OTT platforms, UI creators, and others in our industry; everything we are all doing is to make watching TV the best possible experience.

Advertising was a major focus. We all know (or should know) that the traditional TV model is only possible through ad sales. Those sometimes annoying, sometimes hilarious 30 second spots fund the comedies, dramas, sports, and guilty pleasure reality TV shows we all love to tune into. There is a major movement by networks, agencies, and ad tech companies to create more effective advertising through data so that commercials are more enjoyable and relevant. This makes advertisers happier because their message is better accepted and more memorable. Additionally, some very positive and intentional consequences are that viewers can get to a point that commercials are actually enjoyable and that there are LESS COMMERCIALS. That’s right, fewer commercials per ad break and overall. That means more of the content you want to watch with fewer breaks to deal with. Some companies have already made that commitment, including Turner and NBC with SNL. This is only going to expand, especially as driven by us at Sorenson Media and our local broadcast partners.

Sorenson Media had the honor of receiving the Most Significant Newcomer award, as voted on by our peers and leaders in the industry. We’re grateful that our passion for TV and empowering local broadcasters has made an impact, and we know that we’ll continue to work hard to make TV better for everyone.


I’m heartened by the showing of our industry peers at TVOT 2016. There are many smart people working hard to drive the future of one of our most beloved media, TV.

Jake Draper
Jake Draper
Director of Product Strategy
Jake has focused on technology and digital marketing throughout his career. He is the proud father of three little girls. Jake enjoys spending time with them and his wife, Katie, as well as playing sports and enjoying food.