Welcome to the New Salt Lake City Office

As the Salt Lake City team continues to grow, a bigger and better office was in dire need. We became very creative with shuffling furniture to create additional work spaces for people in our old office. The conference room quickly became a highly desired commodity, similar to gold, as we doubled in size in just a year and a half.

As we kept expanding, we began the buildout of a brand new space at the end of 2015. Paying special attention to detail of both functionality and aesthetics was a top priority. We were excited to have a modern space that reflected the innovative products we have. In addition, we created a large contemporary space dedicated to demos of our product on fourteen 55 inch smart TVs.

With a view over the entire Salt Lake valley, we are excited to call this new space home.

Salt Lake Valley
A view from our building of the Salt Lake Valley.


Construction is under way.
We had the luxury of starting from scratch with a blank shell.


Granite mountains modeled after the actual Wasatch Mountains visible from the office.


The reception desk is made of both distressed wood and solid granite. 


The demo room displays all our products on 14 different smart TVs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


The break-room is frequented by avid ping pong players with an occasional friendly Wii and Xbox competition. 


Open concept office.
The office features an open concept with loads of natural light streaming in.


The outside of the building that we call home.
The outside of the building that we call home. 


We’re excited about where we are now and how we’ve grown, but even more excited about the future ahead of us!

Brittany Sudlow
Brittany Sudlow
Demand Marketing Manager
Brittany has years of both marketing and sales experience. Her marketing experience has been focused on advertising, content, business development, and brand management. Outside of work, Brittany enjoys trying new food and watching football.