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For over 20 years Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of digital video and television. We have experienced rapid growth over the last few years with much more expanding to do. Join Sorenson Media and you will play a pivotal role in one of the media industry’s most innovative companies. We hire the best and brightest and together we are changing the future of television content and advertising.

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  • Elin Pendered
    Lead QA Engineer, Cardiff
    Travel-bug, who loves the gym and football/rugby

    During my time with Sorenson Media I have been lucky enough to work on multiple products, each of which have been equally as interesting. One thing that is consistent no matter which product I work on is the brilliant team I have around me, and the opportunities to make suggestions and be listened to. The company has grown significantly since I started and I am looking forward to seeing it grow even further.

  • Lily Chu
    Market Manager, New York City
    Market Manager, foodie, dog owner, traveler, wifey, from Queens, NYC!

    When I first started at Sorenson Media, I had the pleasure of reuniting with several former colleagues from previous companies, so I knew I was joining the best of the best.  As the first customer success role for our team, I was really excited to make it my own and be part of an awesome tight-knit group called Broadcast Solutions. On top of all that, sponsored lunches, surprise smart TVs, and the occasional visit to Salt Lake City for training (and to have an IN-N-Out burger) are just some of the many amazing perks that I appreciate about our super successful and flexible company!

  • Dave Armstrong
    Product Manager, Salt Lake City
    Backlog maestro, Dodgers fan, and doggonit people like me

    In my 13+ years working for Sorenson Media I have had many opportunities to tell people what I like about working for this company. When I tell people what it is like to work at this company they want to hear less about salary and other benefits, people want to hear about the relationship I have with the products, leadership, and coworkers. Since I started at Sorenson Media it was immediately apparent that my thoughts, concerns, and ideas about the products I was working on were appreciated and encouraged. I feel that I have had some of the best coworkers I could ask for.

  • Danny Loveland
    Financial Analyst, Salt Lake City
    Fishing, biking, ping-pong and League of Legends enthusiast

    Sorenson Media is a company that provides both career advancement and professional development opportunities. The executive team has developed a targeted company vision encompassing challenging projects and deadlines that rewards hard work through the company’s meritocratic culture. I believe that working hard and having fun is truly part of Sorenson’s fundamental philosophy where each employee is valued and respected. I also enjoy free lunch!