Sorenson Media and Magid Announce Strategic Partnership

Sorenson Media, pioneer and leader in the field of digitally-enabled Advanced TV and analytics, and Frank N. Magid Associates (Magid), the trusted and leading consultants to the media industry, today announced a partnership that will enable the firm to provide ongoing strategic counsel and research-based exploration of the benefits of Sorenson’s Advanced TV and analytics services to the industry.

A recognized thought leader in broadcast media, marketing, research and communications, Magid, in partnership with Sorenson Media, will initially focus on consumer-centric research to further educate broadcasters, content owners and advertisers on the opportunities enabled by Advanced TV. These emerging digital capabilities, including targeting, personalization, interactivity and real-time measurement, leverage Smart TVs to bring unprecedented opportunities to broadcast television. Through the Magid/Sorenson partnership, clients will have access to unique capabilities, strategies and insights, giving them access to the leading edge of monetization and value creation.

Sorenson Media’s Spark suite of products is currently being piloted across a number of TV markets in partnership with some of the nation’s leading broadcast groups and Smart TV manufacturers. “As we continue to roll out our Spark suite to leading broadcast groups across the country, we are assisting broadcasters and advertisers to take advantage of the emerging capabilities of digitally-enabled television such as real time viewing data, interactive programming enhancements and addressable advertising,” said Marcus Liassides, President and CEO of Sorenson Media. “With Magid’s leading marketing and communications research and strategy, we will be able to best optimize business performance while continuing to develop innovative solutions for our customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Sorenson Media, to provide consumer-centric insights and strategic counsel that help them better understand their value to the industry and their consumers,” said Debby Ruth, SVP of Frank N. Magid Associates. “Through this partnership, we will guide Sorenson Media to identify how broadcasters and marketers can compellingly engage TV viewers, and maximize broadcaster opportunities to grow revenue.”

Sorenson Media and Magid will present research insights on consumer perceptions and attitudes towards Advanced TV features to a select group of industry partners and customers at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas in April. The focus will be on helping TV Manufacturers, Broadcasters and Advertisers leverage and implement the new opportunities enabled by Sorenson’s Spark products and the growing base of Smart TVs.