Sorenson Media and Neustar Announce Data Integration

Sorenson Media, which recently announced its expansion into digitally-enabled television to benefit broadcasters and advertisers, and Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and analytics, today announced a partnership to provide better insight into TV audience viewing patterns and behaviors. Neustar’s real-time, validated data will bring added scope and depth to the already groundbreaking analytics and insights provided to broadcasters and advertisers by Spark Enlight, Sorenson Media’s recently introduced TV analytics & insights product.

Spark Enlight leverages a large and growing base of Smart TVs to deliver comprehensive viewing analytics and insights in near real-time to broadcasters and advertisers. The integration with Neustar will enable customers to leverage both online and offline audience data to better understand how viewers consume their content, including how audience segments flow between channels, programs and advertisements in order to optimize their content for audiences and adjust scheduling for improved performance and efficiency. While rich in detail, the aggregated audience viewing data contains no personally identifiable information.

“For decades, broadcasters and advertisers have had to rely on viewing data that provided a very low level of audience information, was based on small samples sizes and delivered days or weeks after the content was aired,” said Marcus Liassides, President and CEO of Sorenson Media. “With the audience data provided through our integration with Neustar, our Spark Enlight product can provide detailed audience viewing insights directly to broadcasters and advertisers in near real-time. This aggregated audience data will assist broadcasters and advertisers to optimize their programming and content to better cater to audience preferences.”

Neustar’s data-driven insights will also be integrated into Sorenson’s Spark Enhance product, which can personalize ads based on a number of data-points including location, language, time of day and weather. Neustar’s consumer insights provide Spark Enhance enabled TV advertisements to be further tailored based on audience segments and preferences to optimize ad impact and efficiency.

“Through this partnership, Sorenson and Neustar are bringing audience level insights and functionality to broadcasters and advertisers that until now, have only been available in the digital domain,” said Ted Prince, SVP, Information Services of Neustar. “Broadcasters and advertisers will now have a much better understanding of their audience and how to best serve their needs.”