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Advanced Overlays: Facebook Portal

Social media has become an important part of a political candidate’s campaigning efforts. The Political Facebook Portal connects the candidate’s social media efforts with the candidate’s TV ads.


  • Allow viewers to become more exposed to the candidate than previously possible in a 15-30 second ad spot
  • Enable the candidate to increase the efficacy & extend the reach of tradition TV advertising
  • Enable broadcasters with an additional revenue opportunity beyond the initial sale of the original advertising spot


  • Can be applied to any social media platform
  • Any advertiser or content provider that has a social media presence can apply the social media portal

How it works

During a television ad run by the political candidate’s campaign an overlay prompt is served, encouraging the viewer to learn more about the candidate by interacting. Upon activation, the viewer is taken to a portal including the candidate’s recent social media posts, information about the candidate, and any other messaging the candidate wishes to display.