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Content Overlays: Interactive Viewer Poll

Social media has proven that viewers love to provide opinions related to what they watch on TV. Viewer polls enable broadcasters to provide interactive polling capabilities during live newscasts on the TV screen. Viewers are able to cast their vote and see the results of others’ voting in real time.


  • Enable viewers to express their opinion on important topics they find relevant to them
  • Provide broadcasters with a tool to increase viewer interaction and engagement
  • Provide broadcasters an additional revenue opportunity via poll sponsorship


  • Can be applied to any content to collect opinions
  • Can be applied to reality TV shows for fan voting

How it works

While watching the station a prompt is served to the viewer encouraging interaction with the broadcaster’s Facebook portal. Upon activation, the viewer is taken to a portal including the station’s recent social media posts, information about station or breaking news, and any other messaging the station wishes to display.