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Content Overlays: Push to Mobile

In the digital age we live in, consumers have become accustom to having information instantaneously available at their fingertips. Push to mobile enables viewers to collect information such as a recipe directly from the TV screen and have it delivered directly to their phone.


  • Enable viewers to collect additional information on their phone/mobile device directly from the TV screen
  • Provide broadcasters with a tool to increase viewer interaction and engagement
  • Provide broadcasters an additional revenue opportunity via sponsorship


  • Can be applied to any content where viewers might be interested in more information
  • Can be applied to advertising allowing viewers to collect more information on a product or even coupons/deals

How it works

While watching a cooking show or segment a prompt is served to the viewer encouraging them to collect the recipe by inputting their phone number. Once the number has been submitted the recipe or link to the recipe is sent directly to the viewer’s mobile device.